Monday, December 21, 2009

Frugal Flops: Not so cheap peas!

I'm writing this post as an encouragement for all of you new-to-coupons people, that even those of us who think we have couponing down pat make mistakes.  Last week at New Market (I guess they have taken Lance's out of their name), I was finishing up my trip and was finishing in the frozen veggie section.  They had a stand in the aisle with all kinds of Bird's Eye Frozen Vegetable coupons.  I looked at that and then the fairly barren freezer and rushed to grab some of the coupons and bags of peas.  I read the coupon and saw $1 off... and got so excited when I looked at the price of the peas, $2 a bag.  That would make them free after doubling!  Oh, I have never been able to get free veggies, only the pro-couponers seem to be able to do that.  So I quickly loaded up my cart with 9 bags of frozen veggies and was so excited I could barely stand it.

I got to the cashier and there were problems with the coupons.  They were only taking off half of what I thought they would.  A line started  building up behind me as we tried to figure out what the problem was, the cashier ended up bringing over someone else to figure it out, who quickly looked at the coupon and saw what I always look for except this time...... It was $1 of two bags of veggies.  I felt so silly; I didn't want the veggies if they were $1 a bag.  That's Aldi's price, nothing special.  However, the scanner was having difficulty taking them off, so I was so embarassed at my mistake that I just said that I would take them (minus one). 

So in conclusion, I have learned to triple check all coupons for the small print, or else you'll end up with eight bags of Aldi priced peas.

***Side note: At Lance's they are running a sale on Freshlike Frozen Veggies now for $1.34 a bag (the on sale veggies were farther down the freezer than the ones that I bought), which after using the $1/2 coupon doubled would make them $.34 a bag, which is a great deal.

Have you had any frugal flops?  Share them with us.  We'd love to here from you! 

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