Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorite Finds: June 14

Wow this week has gone by super fast!  I got a bunch of projects done and I hope to share some pictures of them eventually.  Here are my picks for this week.

Easy Grilled Corn.  They are currently running corn on sale 5/$1 so this looks really good!

Oven Fried Fish.  This might be on my menu next week because we have a quart size bag of fish that we were given that is frozen that needs to be used.

Chinese Spring Rolls.  These look delicious, although it might be a while before I get the guts to attempt making them verses take out!

To finish up there has to be some chocolate.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: VBS week!

Wow! School is over.  I think that is still sinking in, probably because Wednesday was the last teacher day and I woke up Thursday with the absolute worst cold ever.  Rather than listening to my body I tried to push through it and by the time my husband came home I was like a tired grumpy baby.  I ended up taking a two hour nap after dinner, tried to stay awake for a while after that, gave up and went to bed and slept for another 12 hours.  Needless to say, Friday I didn't do much.  Then, this last weekend was graduation and the marathon of graduation parties, so here I am and it is Monday!  The cold is still holding on, but it is not near as bad.

This week is VBS at my parents/inlaws' church.  They actually have speakers for adults as well as children late in the evening (after dinner) so we will be going most nights this week.  That means I want simple dinners that won't make a huge mess to clean up.

Monday:  Slow Cooker Hawaiian BBQ Sandwiches.  Last week I actually made this and we ate it plain.  Tonight I am shredding the meat and adding some BBQ sauce for sandwiches.  Yum!

Tuesday:  Hamburgers.  I am crossing my fingers on this one.  I have never made what I would call, delicious, hamburgers.  I'm not sure whether it is because we normally use 90/10 meat or because it is normally the 1/2 off meat ;).  I randomly have coconut oil from something else that I made that needed it so I was excited to see that this calls for it.  I think I am going to saute some green pepper and onion with it as well.  Although then I'll have bad breath for VBS, but onions are oh so yummy, so I think my bench neighbors will just have to deal.

Wednesday:  I'm not quite sure what we are going to do this week.  If we go to youth, then Taco Time as usual.  If we decide to take a week off, then Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs.

Thursday:   Grilled Cheese (bread/cheese- not gourmet this week)!  It's simple and easy and I think, scrumptious!

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