About Me

He's Mr. Frugal and I'm Mrs. Frugal and we have been newlyweds for four years!  It has been quite an adventure and we have learned so much that we would like to share with you all.  We have learned the difference between frugal and cheap.  We shop at Aldi, but go to Cancun with family and Honduras with the youth group.  I get work clothes at Goodwill, but we go out to eat at least 2-3 times a week with friends/family/youth group kids.  In the midst of the battle between saving money and living life, we try to find balance.  I was a former gymnast and really value this idea in all areas of my life.  I workout each week and try to eat healthy, but I'm by no means a gym rat and if there is a mint Oreo around it does not stand a chance.  I enjoy my work and stay after contract hours most days, but when I come home I am home, and that took a while for me learn.

By the way, I'm a math teacher and he works construction, so we're not exactly the top 1% although we like to think our happiness is at least as high if not higher than theirs.  After renting for four years we bought a foreclosure and realized the wealth of knowledge my husband has and how that is worth more than any six figure paycheck.  We have also started focusing more on possible early "retirement", since we've been saving 30-40% of our take home pay since we were married.  That won't happen probably for another 15 years, but retiring in our 40's doesn't sound to shabby.  Living a simple life focused on people and not things is central to our faith, so not spending everything has been relatively easy.  People have given us so much throughout our lives and now it is our turn to give back.  We live big on little, and live with the end in mind.  We're the Frugal Newlyweds, welcome to our home!


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