Saturday, November 14, 2009

Super Savings Saturday: Household products

I made my weekly trip to Lance's this weekend to take advantage of their triple/double coupon policy.  I needed to pick up household products like toilet paper and detergent.  The toilet paper ended up costing slightly less than Aldi's which is exciting, but I have to admit my ignorance about detergent.  We used to buy a gigantic tub of powdered cheaper brand detergent.  I have no idea what it cost per load.  I mainly bought it because I hated worrying about whether or not we had detergent.  This tub would last us several months.  After using it awhile I started noticing that it was severely fading all of our dark clothes.  Therefore, I have now switched to using "nicer" brands of detergent.

Today I noticed that Tide was on sale for $5, regularly $8.99.  I quickly computed that with my $1/1 coupon doubled I would pay $3.  Now I love Lance's, but I know that their regular prices are higher than the big box stores.  As I stood there looking at the bottle, I realized that I did not have a baseline price for detergent.  I kept on racking my brain trying to think of what I paid last, but I could not remember.  So for those of you who are new to couponing, don't feel bad when you can't decide if something is a good deal.  It happens to the best of us.  One way to avoid this is to create a price sheet with all of the baseline prices of items you commonly buy.  I have one, I just need to add detergent to the list.

Here's the run down this week:
Cinnamon Rolls $1.48
3 Frosted Flakes $4---On sale for $2.50--$1/3 doubled= $5.50 for three

Rice Krispies  $3.50---On sale for $2.50-$0.75/1 doubled= $1

10 lb Bag of Chicken Leg Quarters $7.90-sale $2.90

12 Angel Soft Big Rolls of TP $8.99--Sale for $5--$0.50/1 tripled=$3.50

Tide 25 load $8.99 --sale $5--$1/1 doubled = $3

Snuggle Dryer Sheets $2.49--$1/1 doubled= $0.49

Bananas $0.59/lb = $1.20

In the end I paid slightly more than $20 for $60 of groceries.  I can't even imagine paying $60 for that little amount of items.

Did you find any good deals this week? Leave your deals and links in the comments section. I would love to hear from you!

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