Monday, November 9, 2009

Gratituesday: I Have an Amazing Comforter

Heavenly Homemakers hosts Gratituesday each week to encourage us to focus on being grateful.  On Monday I was reminded that I am purely human.  After several really good days with my class the perfect storm occurred.  I came into school and put in my copies at the copy machine.  I decided not to wait for them and to instead work on some things in my class.  I quickly wrote up a warm up for my students to complete on paper rather than write it on the board and have them copy it down.

When I went to make some last minute copies of this warm up and pick up my other copies, I walked into the office to find the floor covered in my practice test copies that were all crumpled up!  Evidently, another teacher alerted me, that the copy machine was eating my copies and that now it was being over sensitive to any paper in the out tray and so it kept shutting down.

Rather than freak out (the five minute bell had rung), I decided to try and hold it together and just put in my copies and wait for them.  I heard the one minute bell ring and thought to myself, I need these copies!  I was torn between whether to run across the hall to my room or just wait a little bit longer on the copies.  I have never walked into my classroom late, but I decided that it would be worth it, since that particular day of the week they have really long video announcements at the beginning of class.

I heard the bell ring and decided that it wasn't worth it to wait for the copies.  I headed over to my room to discover the principal sitting in the back of my classroom, ready to do an observation.  I looked at my chalkboard and I didn't have the agenda on the board (something my school pushes for).  I didn't have my attendance pulled up on my computer (it takes a long time to load), half of my class had been gone the last three days for testing and so it was going to be crazy no matter what.

I took a deep breath and slowly got everything back organized and about the time that everything in my class was going well, the principal left.  I have no idea what he thought.  This is his first first impression of my teaching (he has never observed me before), so to not have me in the class when the bell rang had to make a bad impression.  I sent him an email apologizing for my teaching not being up to par, and have yet to hear from him.

The craziness did not end with that incident.  Later that period, my computer monitor wouldn't work, and my heating unit started smoking.  My room became a four star hotel's sauna as I told my students ( I did my best to put the heating situation in a good light).  All in all, it was just a wild day.

When I finally finished fourth period and the lunch bell rang, I collapsed in my chair.  I thanked God that He was in control and not me.  I mess way too many things up even when I am trying my hardest.  I also drew such comfort in the fact that He knows how much I mess up even more than that principal does, and yet He loves me unconditionally.

So, when I have a "crazy day" (I prefer that to a "bad day"), I try to focus on the comfort God gives.

Have you had any times where you have found comfort in God's unconditional love?  Tell us about it in the comments section.  We would love to hear from you.

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