Monday, November 2, 2009

Choosing to be Content: Introduction

The common theme during November is thankfulness.  As I was turning our calendar, I started to think more about this.  A common tradition for my family and many others on Thanksgiving is to share something for which they are thankful.  I have very rarely found it to be difficult to come up with something to say.  However, I sometimes find that the real difficulty for me and my husband lies in being content.  Sure we are thankful to be able to rent a house, but are we really content renting?  We are both glad to have jobs, but are we content with them? 

Throughout the month of November, I will be posting on strategies that we have found help us to be content and willing to wait on God's timing.

Do you struggle with contentment or have you in the past? What did you find helped you become content?  Feel free to leave your questions or ideas in the comments section.

As part of this series, I would welcome guest posts.  Please leave a message in the comments section if you would like to do a guest post.

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