Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorite Finds- Food Carving Fun!

Source: via Christy on Pinterest

 This last weekend I went to a wedding and I put up the picture above because it was the closest thing to what I saw at the reception.  It was crazy!  They had all kinds of watermelon carvings- hearts, flowers, their names, you name it.  Now at some weddings I would expect this, but not this one.  The whole reception was put on by a more conservative church and just the church ladies and some family made the food (not a professional caterer), so I never would have expected watermelon masterpieces.  Actually I can honestly say that I've never seen watermelon art before, but I am now a fan and hope to try it when it is a bit warmer out. The worst thing that can happen is that we have to eat it!

The whole watermelon carving thing sent me on a Pinterest adventure.

Source: via S.O. on Pinterest

Carved carrots!  What would Bugs Bunny think of those?

Source: via Wired on Pinterest

I'm not even sure what type of fruit this is or if it is real, but it sure looks interesting.

Fish for vegans(cantaloupe)!

What I don't want to look like on the beach!

Something more appropriate for this wintery day (eggplant penguins).

Here are a few of my real Friday finds.  Warning- I am craving summer badly, so these might be a bit out of season.

Guacamole Hot Dog- I've never had one, but it combines two things I love!

Yummy Spicy Chicken!

Delicious grilled veggies!

These remind me of yummy Dolcini's from Olive Garden!

Enjoy more fun Friday Favorite Finds at Finding Joy in My Kitchen!


  1. Wow-those are amazing! I cannot even imagine how much time it would take to carve them.
    I'm with you on summer. I was just telling my husband last night that I am really looking forward to summer right. Coming from someone who loves winter that's saying a lot!

  2. I can see 2 ladies and 2 kids carved on one of the fruit above. Is that real? Is it possible for me to learn and do it on fruits? I'm very eager to learn carving. There is one vegetable carving institute I found. But is it really any good?


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