Friday, March 8, 2013

Frugal Fitness Friday: Jillian Michaels for free!

Frugal Fitness Friday is back and better than ever.  Last fall when we moved we decided to get rid of satellite and just use antenna and a tivo box.  Our tivo box is connected to the internet, so now I can watch youtube videos on our tv!  Each week I hope to post one of my favorite free videos that I have found.  If you are in an area where internet is slow, I also have links to where you can purchase the videos (if applicable).  If it is nice out I might post other frugal fitness ideas.  Join me each Friday and learn how to be fit for less!

This week I am featuring my absolute favorite video.  It is sure to challenge you to work at another level.  I am talking about Jillian Michael's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism video. You can watch it here on youtube or buy it here. It is a very challenging old school calisthenics video.  Jillian inspires me though and I have to admit that I have used some of her motivational lines in my math classes.

I first came upon this video at my local library.  I would check it out and then renew it that way I could keep it for two weeks at a time.  Each time I try this video I get something different out of it.  There are varying levels of difficulty and I must admit that I have made some of my own versions of some of the moves.

What are some of the best videos or frugal fitness ideas you have found on the net this week?  Link up below.  (Please link directly to your fitness post and make sure to link back to Frugal Fitness Friday).

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