Saturday, January 16, 2010

Frugal Flop: $5 off Bennigan's Cards

This afternoon my husband and I had to go to Warsaw for some things, so I decided that we could use these $5 off cards at Bennigan's for lunch (they expire 3/31/2010 and I'm afraid I'll forget about them).  We had received these cards when we bought a gift certificate to the theatre as a gift for some family members. 

We never go to Bennigan's much, but decided that it would be alright if we could use these cards.  We headed in and before we even get our drinks I asked our waitress whether we could use both of the cards, if we split the check (because the gift cards said "One $5 certificate per party, per visit.").  She said we could, so I got really excited.

We ordered off of the $5.99 lunch menu, and I was so excited that we were getting such a deal.  After enjoying the meal, my husband and I were discussing which credit cards to use when the waitress came over and said that her manager just now told her that those cards can not be used on the lunch special.  I asked whether we could use just one, and she insisted that we couldn't use either of them.

I couldn't believe it.  For once I actually remembered to read through all of the small print, unlike last time, and we still couldn't use them.  She offered to let us talk to the manager, but I just didn't want to be "those" people.  However, I still believe that if she told us that we could use them, that we should have been able to use them no matter what. 

Had we known that we couldn't use them on the lunch special, we would have bought regular entrees and still paid less than what we did with a lunch special.  Oh well.  If I feel up to it, I might send Bennigan's an email about it, because for once it wasn't me just being an airhead.  I'll let you know if I hear anything back from them.

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