Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorite Finds: April Showers!

This week I'm linking up with Finding Joy in My Kitchen's Friday Favorite Finds. This week has definitely brought April showers! Just after I was so excited about my new bike it seemed that there were storms and rain and more storms. Oh well, I'll get a chance to try and ride it to the school soon enough.

This week I had some interesting finds:

Strawberries have been on sale for $0.99 at Aldi, so this recipe looked especially appealing!
Fresh Strawberry Pie from Brown Eyed Baker

Blackened Chicken with Cool Avocado Sauce from Sarcastic Cooking (which is hilarious)

Another Orange Julius Recipe from 2 Sisters 2 Cities

Nutella Kiwi Popsicle from Pinfoody

Chocolate Avocado Smoothie from Texerin

Nutella Microwave Cake from Babble

Happy Friday!

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  1. Love the fresh strawberry pie idea -- might be perfect for Bible study dessert night :)


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