Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorite Finds: Authentic Mexican.... and chocolate!

Wow, I have learned a lot writing this post.  My goal was to find recipes to mimic my favorite dinners at a local authentic hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.  I first searched for a copy cat recipe for el pastor tacos (my absolute fav at this restaurant).  Apparently, these are made by roasting a huge piece of meat (the size of my entire torso size!) vertically and then seasoning it with pages and pages of spices that I have never heard of. Makes me appreciate San Marco's a little bit more.  Since it is just my husband and I, we'd be eating these forever if I made them that way.

Here is a slightly more reasonable recipe for El Pastor Tacos from Authentic Mexican Recipes:

I also absolutely love the green salsa that they have there.  Here is a copy cat recipe, but beware!  It is hot, hot, hot!

This Salsa Picante Verde comes from Beyond Wonderful.

My second favorite entree that this restaurant offers is their tacos de bistec.  My mouth is watering just thinking of them.  Luckily, these looked much, much easier than even the easiest tacos el pastor.  In fact, they actually sounded so simple that I might even get up the gumption to make them myself!
The recipe I found for Tacos De Bistec comes from Healthy Easy.

Now I have taken enough Spanish classes to know that the following recipe is not in the slightest Mexican or of Latin origins, but it looks so delicious that I had to add it.  Seriously, how can you go wrong with Twix and brownies?

This Brownie infused with Twix recipe comes straight from Amandeleine.

Hope you enjoyed my Friday Finds!  Find even more ideas at Finding Joy in My Kitchen's Friday Find page!

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  1. What a fun theme for Friday Favorites! Thanks for linking up.


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