Monday, March 18, 2013

Before and After Kitchen Chairs and Table (Ice Day Fun!)

This morning I received a text that my school was closed today because of ice.  I was completely surprised.  I guess I hadn't been paying much attention to the weather because I thought that we were done with old man winter, but I guess not.

Surprisingly, Friday I stayed kind of late after school grading tests and I also graded all of my projects which meant that I didn't have any super important school stuff to get done.  Normally I am just as bad as my students and I procrastinate and procrastinate so that on days off I have to go back in and work.

I had the whole day open so I decided to paint these two chairs that we found at the Salvation Army store that matched our previous chairs.
Since I hadn't known that we were going to have today off, I hadn't yet bought any dark colored primer, so I started by sanding them some and then painting them with white primer.  Don't ever do that unless you are in a situation like mine, because it means that you will have to put three coats of black over it.  I just really didn't want to go to Ace today because I kind of wanted a day off from my students.

If you are counting six chairs instead of two you are right.  No, my chairs were not "fruitful and multiplied."  The extra four chairs are from our breakfast area.  Painting those first two went so well that I thought, what the heck, and decided to tackle our breakfast room table and chairs.  They were my husband's from college.  Here's a before pic on those.
After priming I painted two coats of black on the dining room chairs and then went back for a third coat of just touch ups.  I painted two coats of white on top of the primer for the breakfast table/chairs and that seemed to be plenty.  It is amazing how much better it goes when your primer is closer to you paint color.

Here are some nice after pictures for you.
The dining room with semi matching chairs!  The black was a bit different, which I knew would happen because I lost the original black paint in the move.  That is ok because the table and other chairs need a fresh coat because they have nicks in places (I painted those 4 years ago).

Here's the breakfast table and chairs.  They look so much better in white.  If you are scratching your head, yes the seats are missing.  I ran out of time to add new fabric to the seats.  That will have to wait for another day.

What a great day and even better I didn't spend a cent!  The paint I got from Ace the last few weekends with their free paint giveaway.  Although I was annoyed at first when I received the text that school was closed (the days are now being added on the end of the school year), today was one of my most productive days yet due to some free paint and motivating music from Pandora!

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