Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Market Updated Coupon Policy

New Market's coupon policy has changed so that they can participate in Coca-Cola deals.  The main change is that during the Triple Coupon period there won't be "double to a dollar" situations anymore.  Here is New Market's new coupon policy:

We will gladly double manufacturers’ coupons everyday up to 50 ¢.
We will gladly accept coupons over .50 at the face value.
We will gladly accept internet coupons.
We will gladly accept duplicate manufacturers’ coupons per the purchase requirement at face value.
We will gladly accept manufacturers’ coupons for beer, wine, or tobacco products at face value.
We will gladly triple manufacturers’ coupons up to 50 ¢ during any advertised triple coupon period. 25¢ coupons are worth 75¢, 45¢ coupons are worth $1.35, and 50¢ coupons are worth $1.50.
Catalina coupons can be redeemed at face value.
Catalina coupons may not be used with a vendor coupon or any other checkout coupon for the same item.

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