Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gratituesday: Glimmers of Hope

This week I am thankful for a glimmer of hope.  The recession has hit the schools in the form of budget cuts.  Our school has severe cuts to deal with in the next two years.  All first and second year teachers were called in to let us know that we could all be part of the "cut", but that we might not be.  We just had to wait and see.  As a math teacher my job is fairly safe, but not entirely safe. 

I have been very open to the fact that I could get cut.  I have great faith that I will find something somewhere.  However, this morning I got news that leaves me pretty hopeful that I will still have this position next year.  I think I will still be receiving a RIF paper right before spring break, but hopefully come May I will be receiving a letter saying that they are hiring me back for another year.

As open as I am to moving to where ever life takes me, I do like the idea of being able to work with some of my students next year.  Also, my job really helps us make steps forward on our house savings.

So until next week, I am happy with my glimmer of hope.

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