Friday, October 30, 2009

80% off at! is a great way to get a cheap date night (or in my case afternoon) meal.  You just have to go to their site and type in your zip code.  After that it will bring up restaurants near you that are affiliated with  Each restaurant will have different values of gift certificates.   

Be careful before you order to you look at the small print on each one.  Some of them require that you spend a certain amount and others specify the time of day they can be used.  My husband and I recently bought two of the these gift certificates and used them.  They worked wonderfully and we had no problems.  We were able to eat a $25 meal at a nice restaurant for $2 plus the cost of the tip!

Now take 80% off $25 Gift Cert. orders. Use code TREATS and Pay $2 thru 10/31/09.

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