Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: 5/23-5/29

Today we went to CVS (made $$ off of the Gillette Body Washes) and Aldi's.  It was definitely my lucky day.  They had marked down ($2 off) each package of boneless skinless chicken breasts.  My husband laughed as I whipped out my cell phone to do the math to determine the price per pound.  That's what you get when you are married to a math teacher/frugalista.  We ended up buying nine packages (close to 18 lbs)of chicken because the price averaged out to be about $1.38/lb (the packages that weighed less cost slightly less per pound and the package that were heavier cost slightly more per pound- hence the average). 

There was a time when I would have only bought a few packages because I would not have wanted to spend so much on one trip.  However, I now completely abide by the stockpiling principle.  If something is on a great sale that I use a lot (chicken, hamburger, peas, etc.) I will buy a ridiculous amount.  It might be "expensive" that one week, but the price overall is great.  My first experience with this was finding 93/7 hamburger marked down to only $2 package.  I bought ten packages, which I thought was a lot then.  However, now I would have bought out that section because after I used that I up I had to buy much more expensive hamburger.  I have never seen that high percentage meat on sale for much lower than $3.

Moral of the Story:  Strike while the iron is hot (as my mother would say).  In other words, take full advantage of great deals (while of course keeping an eye on the budget).

The menu this week was pretty much designed by my husband (as was last week's which I didn't get around to posting).  This is the end of the year and I have been pretty much living at the school.  My husband has been taking care of much of the cooking (and I do the clean up:)  ).  Here's what he chose for the week:

Monday:  Hamburgers on the grill, tater tots, carrots and dip

Tuesday: Chicken fajitas, strawberry smoothies

Wednesday: Spaghetti, salad, bread

Thursday:  Grilled cheese, clementines, apples with peanut butter

For more menu plan ideas, visit Organizing Junkie.

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  1. $1.38 for boneless, skinless chicken breasts??? I'd buy 18 pounds too! I bought 10 pounds earlier in the month when I caught some for $1.87 (or so) a pound... the cheapest I've ever seen. Wow! (So... um... if you need chicken recipes... there are tons on my blog from this month!) :)


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