Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Morning Free Funnies: Sh*t My Kids Have Ruined

I was looking at finally finishing my kitchen chairs project this morning and found out some really good information and found a hilarious website.  First, I have decided that I want to use vinyl fabric for the kitchen chairs because children are in our 5 year plan and I just can't see regular fabric working well with them.  I also am lazy and don't want to put nice fabric on now and then have to change it when they come.  Second, I am not going to buy vinyl fabric (looked online and it was, *gasp* $15/yd or more!).  Instead, I am going to find a cute vinyl tablecloth to use.  I thought this was an original idea, but I guess it isn't because I found a tutorial here that is pretty good.  That blog mentioned a site that I have found to be hilarious- mainly because I used to work at a daycare during the summer, so I know the path of destruction kids can leave behind.

If you or someone you know has kids and a good sense of humor (and doesn't mind a small amount of language in the title), check out Sh*t My Kids Have Ruined.

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