Saturday, November 7, 2009

Super Savings Saturday: 63% savings!

I went to Lance's New Market this week and am planning a quick trip to Aldi for milk and bread, and to Walmart for dh's Gatorade and my Carnation Instant Breakfast.

Not pictured: Pampers Baby Wipes (used in a baby shower gift)

My groceries at Lance's totalled a ridiculous $29.21 before coupons.  After coupons, I spent $11.15.  Here's the break down.
Note: Lance's scales down coupons so that there is no overage.

Minute Rice              $2.45  -$.50 coupon (tripled)               = $0.95
Chili Powder             $1.63  -$1.00 coupon (doubled)         = Free!
Cinnamon                $1.73  -$1.00 coupon (doubled)           = Free!
2 Brown Gravy        $2.10  -$.50 coupon (tripled)               = $.60
2 Evaporated Milk   $1.74  -$50 coupon (tripled)                =$0.24
2 Corn Flakes          $6.18  -2X$1 coupon (doubled)          =$2.18
Fiber One Bars        $2.50  -$.40 coupon (tripled)              =$1.30
Baby Wipes             $2.89-$.50 coupon (tripled)                =$1.39
2.Snuggle Sheets      $2.49 -$1 coupon (doubled)               =$0.49
Crispix (dh's fav)      $3.85-$.75 coupon (doubled)             =$2.35
Bananas                   $0.63/lb                                              =$1.27

Overall, it was a great trip.  We still have a ton of stuff in our freezer to use up, plus we receive free farm fresh eggs from my family.

Did you save a lot this week?  Tell us about it in the comments section!

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