Saturday, November 14, 2009

$10 Date Night at Smokey Bones

My husband told me today that he just feels like going out someplace nice tonight.  I immediately start doing the calculations of what a *nice meal* will cost us compared to one at home or at his cheaper favorite restaurant, Wendy's.  He has been doing such a good job at saving, considering he is still getting used to actually looking at prices, that I thought, well maybe we should go out.

First, I looked through my coupon binder and found some Perkins, Quizno's, and Logan's coupons.  None of them were very impressive.  I decided then that I might as well look online a bit to see what deals were out there.  I was so glad to find on Money Saving Mom's blog a $10/$20 at Smokey Bones printable coupon!  They have amazing food and large portions so I will probably have lunches for a while from my leftovers.

Do you have any "date night deals" to share?  Leave them below in the comments section.

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