Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Busy Biking and My New Self Challenge

Well, this week I decided not to post my menu plan on Monday because it was not really worth posting. If you feel you must know it goes: leftovers, family dinner out, Taco Time, grilled hot dogs/side dishes, eat out with friends, eat out with family. I know, I know, it looks terrible.  It is pretty bad because this happens to be some type of education appreciation week which means I get all kinds of sweet junk and breakfasts/lunches (last year we barely had anything (bite size snickers?), so someone must have complained because they are going all out).  So bad food day and night means I have to find balance and should probably do the Jillian workout this week.

Luckily I have been biking more to work.  I barely feel silly anymore.  It is a nice way to wake up in the morning and it helps me feel like I've accomplished something in the evening.  It is easy to get my hour of exercise in each week if I count cycling.  I probably shouldn't though, because this week I will need more than just that.

Anyway, my new self challenge for the rest of this week (through Sunday and then we'll reassess), is a set get up time at 6:15.  I used to get up much much earlier, but it seems that as the year wears on I get up later and later and later and it throws my day off and leaves me groggy.  I am the absolute worst person in the morning.  There have been threats of sledge hammer action.  I always have been a terrible morning person since I was little, but I really want to change to be nicer and calm.  I feel super groggy every morning and I read that almost getting up earlier can help.  So it is worth a try.  If it seems to be good then I will try it again next week.  This is going to be a huge stretch for me on Saturday, but it should be good.  I heard on the radio that getting up at a way different time on the weekend is bad because it is like your body is constantly changing time zones.  For some reason that clicked with me, so I'm going to try it for one Saturday.  My accountability is going to be taking a picture of my alarm to share with the world each day.  I think I might move my alarm across the room as well and maybe change stations, although I do love NPR in the morning.

A good Bible verse for me during those trying mornings will be Psalm 90:14 "Oh satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days."

See you tomorrow, bright and early!

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  1. I have enjoyed reading about your biking goal-- I'm so glad to hear you're doing it regularly now! I just moved to a new place that is within biking distance of work... now I need to get my bike in working order and then get the courage to ride in!! Good luck with your early-wake up goals!


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