Monday, November 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: Retreats galore!

Life has been so interesting lately!  Two weekends ago we went along with our high school youth group as coaches on their retreat weekend.  Wow!  There is definitely a difference in my energy level now, than what the high schoolers have.  Pregnancy doesn't help.  It was a great weekend though.  We had been praying that they would have soft hearts and many really opened up.  I used to not like retreats because I felt they were high pressure situations that caused people to feel like they need to make commitments they aren't ready for.  That may still be the case in some instances, but now I really appreciate them for what they are- a retreat.

The students are "retreating" from the real world and so, yes, it will be different.  We give them way more opportunities to talk about spiritual or personal things going on in their lives than what they would get normally.  So many of the kids finally get up the courage to discuss really personal and hard things they are going through.  Some may point out that there is little change after, but I want to stress how it might not be huge change, but some of the things might just be floating around in the back of their brain.  It takes a while to process everything, but the freeing power of confessing our problems is worth the whole weekend's worth of little sleep.

The second retreat was for us and by us I mean my husband and I.  We went on a Weekend to Remember retreat/conference put on by Family Life.  Something to note is this is not something that we do- leave town for conferences that is.  My husband might have brought this up repeatedly prior to the conference, but I felt that it was something we should do.  I am still processing everything from the weekend, so I'm not going to write much other than that I am really glad we went.  Hopefully later after it has all settled in I will give you a bunch of details.

The menu for this week will be as follows:

Dinner #1: Tacos, pineapple, peas

Dinner #2: Ravioli, salad, cut up apples, broccoli

Dinner #3?: Crockpot chicken breasts, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans

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