Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Weekend Love Story

Source: via Janie on Pinterest

Since my husband and I don't really do much for Valentine's Day weekend that is very notable, here is a glimpse into our marriage to satisfy your Valentine's day love story needs.

This weekend my husband and I were in the freezing cold parking lot outside of Lowe's walking towards the store and having a discussion about the house.  We were talking about some of the small projects that we needed to do.  One of these projects is creating something to hang jackets on in the back hallway.

I need to order hooks and I said that I can't wait until we put the hooks on a rectangular black piece of wood.  My husband stops walking, turns around and just looks at me weird.

"What do you mean a rectangular piece of wood?"  I wasn't quite sure where the confusion was coming from.  I stopped as well and just stared at him.  It was very cold out, but this confusion needed to be cleared now.  What was so confusing about a "rectangular piece of wood"?

I gave him a beautiful definition of a rectangle.  Any of my math professors would be proud.  My husband just kept standing there with such a cute puzzled look that I wanted to lean over and give him a kiss.  Then I even made lovely hand motions outlining this lovely imaginary coat hook rack for our hallway.

Finally, after a long wait he scratched his head and said, "Do you mean a one by four?"

I laughed a bit and said,"Yes!  That would work!"  I had forgotten to speak his language.

He then laughed and laughed until his whole body shook, which made me laugh even more.  "Sometimes I forget I'm married to a math teacher, but not tonight!  A rectangular black piece of wood.... the guys are going to love hearing this!"

Gotta love the miscommunications of a math teacher/construction worker marriage!  Keeps life interesting!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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