Saturday, May 19, 2012

Goals for 2012: Busier May!

So I'm posting a bit later than planned for May, but I am posting- go me!  This is just about the busiest time of the year for a teacher.  My life has been consumed with pushing my students to not give up, and I have been staying late after school tutoring (until 6 sometimes) helping students fill the hole they have dug themselves.  I have to have compassion though, because I know in my life I have dug some big holes and I always appreciated those who helped me get out of them.

Church has been really, hmmm, I don't know how to put it, maybe deep for me lately.  My husband and I are going on a missions trip out of the country for 10 days this summer and we have been helping prep the kids for the trip.  This is a huge step for us to take (10 day trip), plus we are leading kids, so I feel like we are being stretched, but in a good way.  I think that God is going to do something big with this trip.  It's exciting and scary at the same time.

I chose the picture above because I feel like it really describes my life right now- although maybe the couple should be running.  We have been looking at houses and I have been looking at summer jobs/training and the future is unclear.  I've been working hard trying to get our assessment methods updated at school.  This requires some new software that costs $$.  If you would like to donate click here.  There has just been a lot of things happening in education and even specifically at my school that could be very good, but could also go the wrong direction if not done right. I know that God will be with us, whatever happens.

Summary of April's Goals:
1.Keep Eph 2:10, Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 90:12, and Proverbs 12:18 memorized.  Memorize Hebrews 4:15-16. 
2. Work out 60 min a week.  Completed!  However, I did count certain home maintenance things- weeding as exercise.  I figure that if I am feeling it the next day, that definitely should count!
3. Visit each set of grandparents once.
4. Keep up with reading through the Bible chronologically in a year.
5. Be at 89% of the big goal.

May's Goals:
1. Keep Eph 2:10, Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 90:12, and Proverbs 12:18, Hebrews 4:15-16 memorized. Memorize Matthew 11:28 "Come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest."  During this crazy month, I have a tendency to try and do it all.  I get really frustrated when I can't.  I know a song that talks about this verse and it really speaks to me.  It is not that God wants us to do nothing, but really that he wants us to give our cares to Him.
2. Work out 60 min a week.  This can definitely include house work, because this time of year means lots and lots of weeding, bush trimming, etc.
3.  Visit each set of grandparents once.
4.  Keep up with read through the Bible chronologically in a year.
5.  Be at 91% of the big goal.

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