Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Homemade Daily Shower Spray

When I started teaching I fell in love with daily shower sprays.  They were so easy and worked so well that I very rarely had to scrub down our shower.

The only drawback was the price.  I searched online a while ago and saw that many people had posted recipes for homemade versions of this cleaner.  I have never used homemade cleaner before, so I was a bit unsure whether this was worth trying.

Today I decided to try it.  I mixed up a batch of this recipe and put it in one of my old daily shower spray bottles.  I'll give you an update later to see how it works.***Update: It works GREAT! I've been using it now for several years.  Saves me money and time scrubbing!***

The cost for this spray would be minimal for anyone, and was free for me.  I had used a coupon a long time ago to get Cascade Crystal Clear (similar to JetDri) for free and had never used it.  If this works I'll be so excited to use some of my stockpile of dish soap (we mainly use the dishwasher).

Have you ever used homemade cleaners?  Did they work well?

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