Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Importance of Lists

I am a list person (it's ok if you're not-my husband isn't and still gets tons done), and I get it rightly by my mom.  I used to sit and watch her write these gigantic lists on the weekend full of things that I knew that she would never get to and would wonder why she did it.  Now I do the same thing and I understand completely.  Seriously, I do.

When I get to my school each morning I write down on a piece of paper most of the things that I need to do, even though they are pretty much the same tasks each day.  Do you know why I do this?  Because of days like yesterday, when I was so excited about a project that I was preparing for my Geometry students which required me going out to the football field during my prep period, that I completely forgot that we were on a shortened schedule that day and that I had yet to write up all of my notes on the overhead.  Luckily I came in before the bell rang to release the kids to come to my class.  Who knows what would have happened if I had still been outside! 

I also write lists to remember the "weird things."  You know what I'm talking about.  The random request by someone to show them how to do __________, or to send them directions to _____, or to please drop off ________.  In others words, tasks that would rarely ever be on your list. 

My husband has been incredible by nicely (that is the key) keeping me on task and remembering first things first.  He helps remind me to prioritize my lists.  I never used to do that because I would just stay up until all hours of the night to get things done, but now that would not work.

This summer I have completely and utterly off.  I have already started making my lists for the summer, so that I won't forget that the windows need to be washed (my husband noticed this, and I honestly don't think I would notice that windows are dirty until I could no longer see through them), the doors need to be painted, the ceiling in the bathroom needs to be touched up, I have a photo project I want to do, stacks of books to read, more Spanish to learn, a garden to keep, updates to all lesson plans, family to visit, etc.

If you are a teacher I highly suggest making an excel spreadsheet for your goals for the summer.  I have broken my lists down my type -school, home, business, volunteer.  I plan on assigning each of my goals to different weeks.  I only have 10 weeks, so I have to make the most of it!

If you are wondering how I got on this slightly boring, and yet important to me topic go here to read an interesting article that I found (that I might have shown to my husband to show that I am not the only weird list person)about the worth of lists- to some people.

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