Wednesday, June 2, 2010

School's out for Summer!

It's official.  Today was the last day of my first year of teaching.  It has been an exciting and even emotional ride as I went from a baby teacher (the mistakes I made on my first day, still make me shake my head) to where I am at now (maybe a toddler teacher?).  I have learned from both the good days and the bad.  I have so many hopes for next year.  I might even start a blog about my teaching.  For the moment I am just enjoying other high school math teacher blogs.  But, we'll just have to see how everything goes.

To answer the question that has been the most popular question of the past few weeks, I am technically doing "nothing" this summer.  Normally I have a summer job at a local daycare.  My husband and I both decided that it would be best for me not to take the job again this summer.  My original plan had me taking classes to help me earn my Master's in Math, however due to the fact that my job is a long drive north and the closest university that offers it is a long drive south, it will not work unless I am able to get a teaching job closer to home.  They only offer three of the eleven classes needed during the summer, so I would be forced to make the impossible drive during the school year.  Online options are off the table for the moment, because each option is approximately double to triple the cost of the local university.

Since I will have more time on my hands this summer I have created many different lists in excel, to keep me on track and off of my fanny during the day.  I hope to blog about many of my summer projects.  There are sooo many that my husband just rolls his eyes.  I'm also looking forward to finding more freebies, and posting more deals.  I'm looking forward to sharing all the details with you in the days ahead!

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