Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gratituesday: Thankful for breaks

I am partnering up with Heavenly Homemakers' Gratituesday.  I am so grateful for quiet times and breaks in the action.  It has been a little over a week since school has ended.  My first week I felt like I was still on the treadmill from school because I was charging through everything and going here and there.  This week has been a bit slower.  Although that slow pace seems weird to me, it is good.

I have started watching a video series on Christian counseling.  I decided that I do so much counseling at school (even though I'm just a teacher) that I really would like more training.  I am thankful that my church has this amazing free resource for me to use.

I have been reading books!  They refresh me so much.  They've challenged me on many levels.  Each one pushes me a bit farther.  Once again, these were provided free through my local and church library.

The main focus of my thankfulness for this week is my husband.  He is very wise.  Last year I just couldn't handle the thought of staying home over the summer and not having a job.  Actually what bothered me most was the thought that I would have to tell people I was doing "nothing" and that they would have the image of a housewife that sat home and ate bon bons all day (which was not at all what I did last summer).  My natural tendency has always been to fill my day to the brim with activities from start to finish.

However, this is not always good.  My husband really really encouraged me not to get a job.  At first it felt really weird.  But then, all of the sudden in the silence of the day I would just feel the peace of God.  It was wonderful.

This summer has been even better.  Not that God doesn't speak to me during the school year, but it is the quiet of a summer day in the country that forces me to slow down and reassess my priorities and goals.  Even Jesus took time away from the group to go off and be with God.

In summary, I am extremely thankful that my husband is much wiser than I and realized that I need the quiet of the summer to force me to quiet my spirit.  God is doing things in my life that weren't always possible when I would try to hear his still small voice in the din of my life.

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