Monday, February 11, 2013

Living Richly with Homemade Sweet and Sour Mix

This weekend I was getting ready to enjoy a nice glass of wine and my husband was going to enjoy a lovely Long Island Iced Tea at home when, gasp, we were out of sweet and sour mix. What to do, what to do. We were tucked in and not willing to go out in the cold or to waste gas to drive to town to buy some.

I looked online and lo and behold there was a sweet and sour mix recipe. My mouth dropped open when I realized how easy it was to make and how cheap the ingredients were. It was pretty much sugar water with a bit of lime and lemon juice. Sugar is about $0.50/lb and lime and lemon juice aren't that expensive either. I couldn't believe I was paying $5 a bottle for essentially Koolaid! If you would like to see the recipe we used you can find it by clicking on the picture above. It isn't too bad, although we might tweak it a bit.

Now if you are wondering how drinking involves being frugal here are my excuses. My husband and I don't drink much and aren't too picky, I mainly enjoy a bit of wine and he likes Long Islands. If we went out and had drinks it could easily cost us $10 just to each have a drink, or at some places his drink alone could be $10. Instead, we enjoy our drinks at home. I can get a good bottle of wine at Aldi for $2.89! That means each glass of wine costs me about $0.50. My husband buys a premixed Long Island mix that just requires adding sweet and sour mix and a splash of cola. It isn't very expensive considering how many drinks he gets out of it. We used to buy the sweet and sour mix to go with it. We used to be happy with that and think we were being frugal. Now, we know better.

If you are the type to go out for drinks I challenge you to look up the ingredients for your drinks.  You may find as we did, that it is best to make them at home.  We can make the drinks exactly how we like and be happy knowing that we're spending less on an "adult beverage" than we would getting soda!

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