Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gratituesday: Thankful for Vacation!

Ok, I know I'm going to sound like my students, but I am thankful for Christmas vacation.  Being away from the demands of the school helps me be able to answer the demands of home.  There are holes to be sewn up, floors to sweep, laundry to do, and bathrooms to clean.

Besides getting my house in order, I am able to take the energy that I would be giving my students, and give it to others that need it as well.  I am finally able to send out some cards of encouragement to a few people who I know will need it during this season.  I'm also able to do things like sew up holes in my husband's clothes that he has just been living with (holes happen a lot in the construction business).  I'm also planning on visiting lots of family and friends not just on Christmas, but through out the holidays.

Finally, although I am going to focus a lot on my home I am not going to completely forget about the future of me being back in the schools.  For many of my students the holidays are anything but merry and bright, and it is my duty to live out for them when I return the real reason for the joy I feel at Christmas.  If I plan ahead, I can create lessons that might intrigue them into looking further into this area of their lives without getting me in trouble.

Furthermore, I build up relationships with these students by talking to them about their lives and creating engaging lessons that bring up these real world situations (yes, it is possible to do that in math :D ).  It is my aim number one that I am a witness to Christ for them in the schools, and number two that I show them the importance of effort, determination, and problem solving.  I think that some of my students would be surprised that I didn't think that the triangle congruence theorems were the most important.

Looking forward to the last half of the school year also means preparing myself for limited time at home again.  Today, as I have been posting, I am making several frozen meals (go here to see the posts).  This will help immensely on busy nights.  They help keep the home a calm and restful place. 

So, whether or not I sound like a student, I have many reasons that I am thankful for these 14 days of  Christmas break!

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